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VRM Swansea coordinates the entire transfer of your personalised registration with DVLA * Swansea and local DVLA * Local Offices in the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland when you opt for our Full Transfer or Sale Service. Our expert team will provide you with instruction and telephone support if you choose our less expensive DIY Transfer Service. An online 'Purchase Offer' supported by suitable payment card takes priority over any other enquiry. VRM Swansea sell number plates owned by clients, government stock and our own stock on a 'first come, first served basis'. All registrations offered for sale are subject to availability and payment is taken only once availability and price are confirmed**. Our systems record telephone conversations and the date and time of all communication. We shall debit your payment card if your offer is accepted and provide confirmation either way**. Under the distance selling regulations we must inform you that our service begins immediately upon payment being taken, that no cooling off period or refunds are given and you will not be able to change your mind. Your instructions will be acted upon immediately and the assignment /transfer process started to ensure your choice is not sold by us to anyone else. This is a Government process which the Government will not cancel or change once they receive our instructions. Please be absolutely sure about your selected number plate before placing your order.

**In the case of pre-release new-issue offers we will take payment prior to the registration mark series release date in order to confirm your desire to proceed and ensure we do not offer the registration mark you have chosen to anyone else.If for any reason your offer is not accepted by the Secretary of State for Transport on the release date, then you will receive a full refund by the payment method you have used to make your offer. The Secretary of State's decision to accept or reject your offer is final and we cannot be held responsible for it, in any way. If your offer is rejected then you may choose another registration subject to sufficient funds being pre-lodged with us.

Personal and personalised registrations shown within are subject to transfer fees,vat. & availability                       


Copyright VRM Group 2001-2004  E&OE



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